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Textured soy protein

Added on : 2018-10-02 23:15:22
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Categories : Meat and delicatessen

It is used as a meat substitute or "meat extender" which partially or completely replaces meat flesh in certain sauces or cooked dishes (mafé, domoda, meat rice, spaghetti bolognese ...), meatballs , spring, fatayas, etc. PST small pieces, is used in place of minced meat in almost every meal. Textured soy protein is sold in 22 kg bags. They have many benefits: They contain twice as much protein as beef, are low in calories, do not contain cholesterol and are very easy to cook. Very cheap With its texture similar to meat, thanks to its caramelization, it offers the possibility of offering dishes traditionally using meat, more rich in nutrient and less expensive.

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